Did you know that @gucci has various belt widths for a REASON?

As you may know, every lady has a different height, waist and hip size. That is why choosing the right width belt is very important. The wrong size belt can make you look bigger or shorter.

It’s also important to know where you should wear your belt (low rise, high rise, or waist). The right choice can make your legs look longer, body shorter, waist thiner and hips bigger/smaller. You might ask why would someone want their hips to look wider? ⠀

Well, if you have a body shape like Angelina Jolie – (upside-down triangles, carrot-shaped) you would need to wear low rise pants and belt on your hips. The wider the belt the bigger your hips would have visually.

For example, check out the movie “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” and you will see how awesome she looks with the wider belt on her hips. (See photos) ⠀

If you are a beautifully shaped lady I would suggest to avoid the widest version of @Gucci belt. The reason is that it will make you look “bigger” in your hips and shorter overall.⠀

If you need help choosing the right size belt, I would be happy to help :)⠀

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